We create garments for children and teenagers aged 0 to 16.

We have done it for more than 30 years in Borriana, in the province of Biella, where woollen tradition has given rise to one of the most important Italian manufacturing districts.


We are a family who, since the birth of its children, brought together its passion for fabrics and yarns with the desire of creating comfortable and refined garments.

SEEDS was established in 1988. The owner, Maurizio Cistellini, grew up in his father’s company where he experiences and inherits his passion for fibres and yarns. After becoming independent, he started to work as advisor for some businesses producing women and men’s clothing and knitwear.

Maurizio, with the birth of his two daughters, Sara and Alice, started to think about apparel for the little ones, but maintaining the same high-quality standards. Thus, he creates a knitwear line for children, characterised by pieces of refined taste and by the best yarns. It is immediately a great success.

It is family tradition that makes SEEDS so special.

The eldest daughter, Sara, now mother of two children, joins Maurizio inside the company giving her support in terms of style and creativity. Together, they carefully select fabrics and colours, never leaving out of the picture the current trends, but filtering them through their personal taste and experience in the field. Laura, the sister, is responsible for the administrative department.

Barbara Sinigaglia, another key figure of the company, leads the technical staff. She, being a knitwear expert, makes her experience and ability available to Maurizio and Sara, materialising their ideas by realising prototypes to be presented in the collection. She leads and co-ordinates a selected group of at-home workers: the most sophisticated technology in fact would never be enough without the skilful ability of these ladies who hand-finish the majority of SEEDS products.


How we work

We personally take care of every single step from production to packing. We select fabrics and colours, privileging raw materials such as cashmere and lambswool from Biella, linen, cotton and velvet. We assemble and refineby hand knitwear pieces manufactured in our factory with great attention for details: from high care for fabric finishes to the selection of buttons and passementerie.

Since the beginning, always with the same goal: dress your kids with style and passion. As if they were ours.